They paved paradise and put up a Safeway Store.

22 Dec 1994

Dear S, Jack and “Shrimp”.

The postie has been very busy bringing our mail from far away and thanks very much. First there was the lovely English calendar, we’ll put up on 1st of January. Then the packet of lovely tea and today the very beautiful Xmas card, such a special one and the parcel of pure almond marzipan fruits, goodness me.  Well, first we said we’d leave them for Xmas Day but gee they just looked so lovely and temptation got the best of us and we both had to taste them. Well, we had a couple each but I just know the rest wont make it to Xmas Day. They sure are special thanks a lot, we do appreciate it. Everyone is coming for Xmas Day.

We got a beaut letter from your Mum a couple of days ago, was lovely to hear from her, do hope she enjoys her Xmas in Queensland with her sister.

Our town now has a big new Safeway Supermarket in the center, it’s where they used to put up the Xmas Carnival every year, gee it sure is a treat to shop there and there is over 400 car park spaces, incredible.

Your weather will be turning cold now, at times I wish we could mix yours and ours together, as boy our hot weather came in early this year. I still have my two chooks, only one is laying but they talk away to me every time I go down to them and I’m sure the second one will lay again soon

Do hope you are keeping well S only a few more days and we’ll be into 1995. It will be an extra special year for you both and we look forward to seeing this very special baby “shrimp”.

x Love from Nana and Pop x

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