It sucks being a desk jockey with no real skills.

J’s Diary Entry

14 January 2003


Aw JEZUZ, back at work, wot hell! Went over to McKenzie’s for dinner on Monday night and made an ass of myself in front of Crazy Kel’s extremely attractive gay brother. I didn’t even realise he was gay, so I was my usual simpering, idiot self, telling unflattering stories and I wasn’t even drinking.

Being back at work is actually not so bad, it’s rather bludgey. I need to keep myself entertained, though it does eat away at you, makes me lazy. God it seems like there’s so much to do; read, stretch, work, exercise, draw, eat, see friends, wage war against Ian, call Mum, email Sis, clean, wash, collect and listen to music… it just seems all so insurmountable.

Ian UPDATE: have decided to let him stay for a month and then we’re booting him out. Last night he took his novel over to his parents’ house to show it to his father. Ian didn’t seem to be looking forward to it. I’ll wager his father wan’t either, ha ha!


16 January 2003

Ah! Wot a legend of fitness I am! Rode to and from work at a CRACKING pace, then skipped for 15 minutes, stole a filing cabinet left of the side of the road with Jade and then went for a somewhat embarrassing jog thought the tennis (Australian Open) crowd. Ate well too. I will be fabulously slim and boyish in no time! Just have to talk someone into being my gym-buddy.

Ian UPDATE: he asked Jade what she does and she told him in some detail about how she writes for a superannuation company. He replies “Do you think about killing yourself?” only it wasn’t funny, it was rude. Jade was very calm. She said “Nah, I’m so overpaid and under worked, and I’m quitting soon and using the money to go travelling.” And does he ask where? No, of course not, he starts talking about himself, and how great he’d be in advertising. Gah!

Did some calculations today about my savings plan. It’s rather grim. By August when I’m tentatively planning to quit work, go travelling with Jade and then take 3 months off, I’ll only have about $3,000. And THAT’S if I save very diligently, which, frankly, is not all that likely. I mentioned this very obliquely to Jade tonight on the way to the supermarket but it kind of just slipped by. I looked in the window of Hellas Greek Cake Shop at the baklava and felt my heart almost break. Back to the money tho’, if only I didn’t spend so much on health (asthma and hay fever medication, contact lenses etc.) perhaps I could make it. I need maybe an extra $50 a week. This is where it sucks being a desk jockey with no real skills.


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