Quelle horreur!

J’s Diary Entry

5 January 2003

Slow day, summery lazy. Got up late and was going over to Eli’s new place in Abbotsford when he called to say that he’d stuffed up his shifts and had to be at work. (He’s working at a hospital down in Frankston doing security – he has great stories!) So Jade and I decided to got out anyway and walked to Smith Street, Collingwood and had coffee at Gluttony. Things have changed there – they still have the most amazing cakes but now the serves are really small.  I had antipasto and Jade and I discussed Ian.  I wanna boot him out but Jade wants to line up someone else first.  Since we discovered Jade’s bottle of Bailey’s in the fridge two-thirds gone, I’m keener than ever to boot him out.  We’re gonna do it tomorrow; rent day and kitty day.  Jade and I tossed a coin for who would bring it up – Jade lost. She said we have to do it TOGETHER. I think she’s worried I’m gonna boot him out if she’s not there to hold me back.

We stopped in Fitzroy Gardens on the way back and lay in the sun, talked about love, careers, kids.  I said I was thinking about doing Australian Volunteers Abroad. Jade was shocked. She asked me if I wanted to come overseas with her around August this year – Morocco, Portugal, Spain.  She’s lining up different companions for different countries.  I said Spain and Portugal MAYBE. Oh yeah, she wants to go back to India too. Be DAMNED if I’m going to India. I also said I was thinking of saving money and taking 3 months off this year, cos I’ve been working non-stop since I left school. God what a horrible thought. Anyway if I could pay off my debts, save $10k, then I could take three months off, then have $5,000 left to take with me to whichever impoverished nation I wound up at. Jade said you need it cos they pay you local wages – quelle horreur!


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