Yes I’m embarrassing myself, but there’s no one left to be embarrassed in front of.

J’s Diary Entry

Sunday, 4 January 2003

Spent the day lazing around, mainly.  Monica left early, after getting me all excited with a spur of the moment plan to fly to Tasmania for 4 days. By the time she got home, (she broke in, still no luck finding her keys) she was too tired. Zara called some time in the afternoon, inviting me out to dinner to meet up with Lavinia, ex-copy writer, now working in Costa Rica for World Vision. She said the Christian propaganda was doing her head in (Christian songs over the office pa system) and was looking for something with Medicine sans Frontiers.  She looked well. I had the grilled fish (ordinary) and didn’t drink any alcohol – yay me! Tim, Noah, Lucy and Caitlin were there. Everyone was really late, so I left ‘Bocadillo’ and walked up and down Brunswick St.  There was a woman with dreadlocks walking down the street SCREAMING about how we were all idiots paying $20 for a slice of eggplant and we were well-dressed yuppies and “YES I’M EMBARRASSING MYSELF, BUT THERE’S NO ONE LEFT TO BE EMBARRASSED IN FRONT OF!” I looked down the street and dammit, she was right.  Everyone was laughing at her and she started to cry cos she was hungry and couldn’t afford to eat. I saw two guys later taking her from shop to shop trying to buy her a meal but she wouldn’t eat in half the places.  It was damn depressing. It is full of muscle shirts and 50-somethings looking for a nice Thai restaurant where they won’t take off their shoes.  I went back to the restaurant and Caitlin was there. I didn’t mention the dreadlock woman to anyone. I was stuck next to a woman who was so dull that at one stage I actually thought she was retarded. She’s a secondary school teacher in Footscray.

Played both Jade in Scrabble again, cracked 400 points in one game (sice-the side of the dice with six dots). J the undefeated Scrabble Champion of Woodlawn Street. Ian still won’t play me, or Jade. We’re dying to kick his arse.

I asked Lucy if I’d done anything bad to Ian on NYE that I couldn’t remember. She had nothing. She was stuck on the other side of the dull teacher from Footscray. I discussed my aims for the year with Zara:

  1. go back to studying German
  2. get out of debt
  3. do not drink, and
  4. get in shape

She was weirdly supportive. I told her she was a lesbian.

Four alcohol free days so far. Oh GOD life is long without booze,

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