I ordered a steak sandwich that turned out to be as big as my head!

J’s Diary Entry

Friday 3 January 2003

Another early escape from Ian. I rode my bike to Leah’s around 11:00am and ran into Monica while I was on Johnston St or was it Nicholson St? while she was driving her work van with Birkenstock all over it.  We made vague plans to meet up while we waited for the lights to change.

Got to Leah’s and played XBox while we waited for Harrison to do some work (picking up something from the “Secret Life of Us” set). When he got back the 3 of us walked to Moskito on Queens Parade (near that old Art Deco McDonald’s) and I ordered a steak sandwich that turned out to be as big as my head once it arrived. We all over ate and I stuck to my teetotallin’ guns and had only a squash.  We walked back to their place along Merri Creek feeling sick in the strong sun.  We bitched about Darlene and they showed me a hilariously OTT letter from Darlene’s mother telling Harrison that he should be “writhing in shame”. Ha! I asked him to writhe for me but he just sort of pretended not to hear.  So I go up and gave him a giddy demonstration.  It was more of a shimmy than a writhing though.

I rode home around 7pm and Monica was there. She’d locked herself out and was eating poached fish and veggies with Jade.  Ian sat on the floor, flappin’ his gums as usual. Jade quietly hissed at me in the kitchen that he was in “high spirits”. As soon as I sat down though he scurried back into his room. It would seem that it is something that I did that made him cry. O well, I don’t care. I want him out. He’s still slyly buying separate food.

Jade, Monica and I played Scrabble and I won both games (GOD, I LOVE Scrabble) and Ian slithered back into the lounge.  I went to bed and Monica followed. I played her some Iron Maiden and, helped her into the Sky Bed which she wasn’t wild about. I took a photo of her feet in bed. It’s like some sad celibate version of nailing panties to the wall.

Leah and Cam talked about having a baby this year which should make me feel old but doesn’t really. He’s pressuring her lightheartedly to give up smoking and even bought Leah some Nicotine patches.

Leah told me that Lenny has put on heaps of weight. Started me thinkin’ that perhaps I could cajole him into joining a gym with me.  Oughta call him, but feel kinda weird about it.  Seems tokenistic and opportunistic.

Monica said she wants to learn German again this year. I said I’d go again. Kinda doesn’t fit with my “optimistic” savings plan, but it feels virtuous.

J’s drawing of Monica’s feet

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