Where art thou?


From:    S
Sent:    29 November 2002 9:18AM
To:      J
Subject: Where art thou?

Hello, my little bruv, well you have come out from under your rock then!  I’m going to say it, Happy Birthday, Happy Bloody Birthday to you.

Ok have been trying to sort out your CD radio clock thingy but it has to come from New South Wales, is there anywhere in Vic or Melbourne that you have seen it.

Also, mum was happy to go halves with me on the palm phone thingy so you must decide which one you want and then get me the details of where I can get it from, the sooner you get me this info the sooner you will have your little toy.

Now tell me the truth where have you been the last few days and with who?

Love ya



From:    J
Sent:    02 December 2002 11:06PM
To:      S

Um, not that I know of off-hand. It doesn’t matter if it has to come from NSW tho, cause if there’s something wrong with it, it would be a pain in the arse to have to send it back to NSW.

Just rang around a little and this place has them.

Bose & Sony Centre: 268 Swanston  St, Melbourne VIC  3000;

I’m worried about how much this costs tho – if it’s too much LET ME KNOW and I’ll put some money in.

As for where I’ve been, well, I took Monday 25 & Tue 26 off work (RDO and day in lieu) and went down to Queenscliff on Sunday. It was alright, stayed in a nice hotel, went down the beach, read my book, listened to my mini disc, ate surprisingly virtuous food, browsed the crappy touristy shops, and meditated on ‘ow ‘orrible it is to be old. No scandal I’m afraid. I’m in a period of retraction at the moment – don’t feel like drinking or going out or making an ass of myself (that really should be “drinking AND going out AND making an ass of myself’ – they really are indivisible) or wooing anyone.

Just spoke to the CEO and worked out my holidays. I’ll get three weeks off in total, dunno wot I’ll do with ‘em.

How are things over there?  It’s your last day tomorrow, innit? Looking forward to it? How are you planning to fill your days? Will you be keeping Ola at home all the time or still having her in creche for a bit? (I’d be bloody leaving her in creche and watching Passions and Springer with an industrial size box of Red Tulips if I were you. Crank up the porn! Time for some “me” time!)

Well, better go do some work. God loves a trier you know.


From:     S
Sent:     03 December 2002 10:32AM
To:       J


Right send me a blank email with; name and serial number of the product (what is it?) and the price you banana.

God you’ll be 31 before I get this bloody thing to you.

I am nervous about giving up work, hitting the pills hard, don’t know what to do with myself. Just have a feeling I was meant to be more but feel capable of far less – inadequacies huh, our friend for life.

Saw a film called Deterrence,  not a quality film but frightening, world politics boils my blood.



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