Word of the day; Elegy.

J’s Diary Entry

15 October 2001

Only threw up once today, though thought about it two other times. Applied for a week’s holiday and started taking Aropax again.  It doesn’t seem to be working too well – still having obsessive thoughts and throwing up.  Ate two Milky Bars at work and liberated them 10 minutes later.  I’ll be thin, but toothless.

Jade is in the lounge room with the heater blasting, I don’t know how she stands it.  I’ve got my minidisc in there, recording new cd – Angel Youth, by Last Days of April.  Swedish band, guitars, violins and elegiac bitterness. Walked home from work with Erin, fresh from her 3 week holiday.  She has a cute boyish haircut.  She said it took two days. Lordy.  She and Nash spent a week in Tasmania.  I spoke briefly to Nash when we arrived at their place.  He was breaking in a new cricket bat by bashing it with a cricket ball on a stick.  He and I are meeting for drinks on Wednesday.  Sometimes I think I’ve forgotten how to talk to people.

Jade is trying to finish her film and keeps leaving copies around the house in the hope that someone will finish it for her.  I can barely finish a thought, let alone a script.  Eli has just arrived and is teasing Jade.  She, in return, is informing him or her script’s “new developments”.

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