1,827 days.

S’s Gratitude Journal

I spent the entire day with J (Brady spent the day with Mum). I remember it so clearly, we laughed all the way around the city. He took me on a tour of all his daily haunts. We giggled at my win at the Casino. We bought crystals and little boxes of spells in a shop called Spellbox (I wrote that it was Tivoli but think it was actually in Royal Arcade) and I remember we ate at Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie on Little Collins Street, which was just heaven.

We drank, talked, laughed and ate all day – a normal brother and sister spending a normal day together.

The date was 17 March 1999 – in exactly four years 1,827 days from this day J would take his life.

17 Mar 1999 001

*picture – self portrait by J

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