Oh Mum, it’s gonna take a lot more than some Vitamin B to sort this out.


AUG 1995

Dear S,

So sorry to hear you are back in hospital yet again, but best to get it cleared up.

June from work said that her specialist told her to take B6 100mgs for breast problems and better still if it is a Vitamin B Complex. Look after yourself and do exactly what they tell you to do.

Jack called me this morning at work. I was going to call him after work today to see how you are.

It is still freezing here only 9 degrees at the moment. Bloody freezing.  If I stay in this house, I’ll have to have central heating put in for next Winter.

Nothing exciting happening here – went to class on Monday night to learn to paint Teddy Bears – got to do something to occupy myself.

Guess Jack will bring this fax into hospital to you.  Give Brady a great big kiss and hug from me. Hope you are OK, and that your problem gets sorted out and that you get to go home soon and that they don’t leave too many scars.

Lots of love

Mum xxxxxooooo

What’s it all about?


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