What the hell is a left handed ruler?

Mon 27 Jun 1994 – Met mum for lunch at 1:00PM today in the middle of a very bludgey day and she gave me the rest of my prezzies from the UK – a feather quill, a rune ring, a left handed ruler, a left handed can-opener and a wax seal set with a “J” to seal all my letters – super! I’m really pleased with the seal – that’s from S.  Now I need some decent paper.  Had a good day until about 2:30PM when I started to get dizzy and disoriented.  I think it was a combination of sleep deprivation, coffee, chocolate and musty air.  I felt better out in the cold.  Ran into Audrey on the way home – she says she’s coming to lunch this Wednesday (I hope so). Leah rang before, (she’s got mail for me) and told me about a tarot reading she had today. Apparently there’s a woman mad about me!  How exciting, but with my luck it’ll probably be Mum.  Never-the-less, I shall cast my eye about me more carefully for signs of fancy.  God I’m so desperate (in a reluctant kind of way.)  If there are any (that’s hopeful – plural) recalcitrant admirers of mine out there, I wish they’d show themselves.  Not that I ever own up to any of my own desires, but that’s not the point.  I want to be with someone so much it disturbs me.  Not quite frightens but certainly disturbs.

Bought “100 Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez $15.95

Did loads of exercise.

Tue 28 Jun – Did my first one-armed push up – I shall be sore.

Wed 29 Jun – Spoke to the blonde girl at work today, she’s quite nice – kinda bubbly. Simon has been telling me how much she wants me all day for the last two days and if he keeps it up much longer I’ll start to believe him.  If only he knew how little I know about this whole men and women deal.  I haven’t the slightest clue how to ask someone out (without being/sounding completely sleazy).  Audrey didn’t show up at lunch today, but I’m not upset this time, she doesn’t want to come, she doesn’t have to I guess.  I got some new glasses today, I feel like a kid with a new toy – eyesight! I should never have put it off for so long.

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