Ya old goat!

From:     J 
Sent:     08 September 2003 15:03 
To:       S 
Subject:  I have a video phone!


Happy Birfday, ya old goat! (I sent this from my phone, are you impressed?) It only cost me 900 DOLLARS!

Love ya

4 thoughts on “Ya old goat!

    1. Yes there is. I know it seems like a bit of a non post, but I’m down to my last few posts and I’ve included it to try and show how our interactions were normal, run of the mill stuff and then what seems like out of the blue I received the call and he was gone. I’ve taken a deep breath as on of my kind followers suggested and am just posting the last few posts, sharing the end, achieving what I set out to do over the last three years. It’s been quiet a journey.


      1. I’ve followed this story but from a distance, aware as I was of the approaching end and the reason for it.
        My blog covers all sorts of ramblings and musings so I am humbled as a fellow blogger by this journey and story you’re sharing with everyone.
        I hope it brings you some form of solace or closure or that you at least find the process cathartic.
        I admire your bravery and am so sorry for your loss. I have lost both parents so understand..but not fully. To lose someone so young for such reasons must be hard to carry.
        My thoughts have always been with you when I’ve read this blog and they will be long after I suspect

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  1. Thank you, you are very kind. If you get a chance read today’s entry “Please pass the turkey to the vegetarian homosexual and his mink wearing sister.” I can hear his voice when I read it, he was a funny, sarky man my dear brother. PS I did buy that bloody mink stole, still have it but have never worn it. I can hear him calling me all those names if I do, so I don’t : )


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