It’s a testament to the horror of his personality and personal hygiene that I do not feel bad about this.

J’s Diary Entry

10 March 2003

Kicked Ian out last week, mmm maybe it was end of week before. It was first thing in the morning. He was hanging out his washing. He didn’t take it well. Quietly furious, I’d call it. Said “Well I’m screwed,” a few times. Told him it was cos he never went out. He said “I go out quite a bit.” “That’s not how Jade and I see it,” I said. Then he said we made it hard for a stranger and that what we really wanted was a “collectivist.” I said “Err, yeah. We’ll talk more tonight.” Then he disappeared for 2 days. Then he refused to come out of his room if we were home and refused to answer our knocking at his door. FUCKING FREAK! Then a day later he tries to give me rent money and nearly starts crying. Fabulous! We’re gonna give him until the 6th of April to find somewhere. I doubt he will. I think he’ll have to go to a hostel or live above a pub. It’s a testament to the horror of his personality and personal hygiene that I do not feel bad about this.

Wrote Paige a letter today. Long one, 6 A3 pages, but it has drawings in it. The Melbourne Times never got back to me about that short story. So now Jade and I are working on writing a sitcom of all things. It gets us through the day. I’ve written one and a half episodes. Set in an office, 6 characters, 1 per episode, all set on the day after the office Christmas Party. 7 episodes, we’ll write 3 episodes each and we’ll both work on the last one together. I sent the first one to S and she loved it of course. Also sent it to Erin, but she didn’t get a chance to read it. I have a rather palpable feeling of desperation at the moment, feeling rather cornered.  Have to meet Dad for lunch tomorrow. Am going to try to squeeze him for a $5,000 loan for a new bike. Worth a try at least ha ha! Am actually rather depressed and keep thinking about killing myself.

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