She was quite attractive except for two missing teeth.

J’s Diary Entry

7 January 2003

Well, after last night’s contretemps with “The Turkey” I sure wasn’t hanging around to chat. I fled the house at 9.00am. Sat in the shade in Treasury Gardens and read my Micky Spillane novel (it’s crap) and gave some creepy chatty old guy the cold shoulder. Saw “Mainly Martha” at the Kino Cinema which reignited my enthusiasm to learn German again. Then bought a new novel (“Behindlings” by Nicola Barker. It’s okay) at Hill of Content up the top of Bourke Street and then ran into Lisa and a work chum of hers. The work chum was quite attractive except for 2 missing teeth.  She seemed nice. Looked 25 but is 32 or something. Doesn’t drink – ah, the demon drink, how pleased I am with myself for having given it up, even it it is only 7 days today.

Left Lisa and co and had a sushi platter at ‘Ito’ on Bourke Street and started reading “Behindlings”. I finished Jeffrey Eugenedes’ “Middlesex” last night, gee it was good. So anyway, lingered over lunch and then browsed bike shop (very tempted to spend money) and watched a French action film, “Brotherhood of the Wolf” at Greater Union. When I bought the ticket, the guy behind the counter said “Now I must warn you… this film is in French…” and I though O crap, no subtitles, but then he finished “and it has the English translations in subtitles at the bottom of the screen.” I nodded, thanked him, and walked up to Cinema 4. It was a pretty crap film. So was “Mainly Martha” come to think of it. I don’t know why I just don’t give in and go see the new Sandra Bullock/Hugh Grant movie. Yes I do know why, it’s cos I HATE Sandra Bullock, I really do. Walking home from “Brotherhood of the Wolf” I bumped into Monica Freeman from school. Her older sister was chums with S. Monica as grey as a mule now, but she looks great, best I’ve ever seen her look in fact. She’s in I.T at Melbourne Water in East Melbourne. We didn’t swap numbers. I thought of it, but she didn’t suggest it or ask if I wanted to catch up or anything so…

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2 thoughts on “She was quite attractive except for two missing teeth.

  1. This one gave me a good laugh. Although I notice even the slightest of subtleties, a few flaws which I’ve noticed in the past are things that I would never mention in the presence of polite company.

    Thanks again for sharing. I need a really good laugh and reminders of how far, in some respects, I really haven’t come since the days of my younger years.

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    1. Sometimes I think that we all have to be so politically correct in our interactions with others that without realising it we now often sanitise our own thoughts – we don’t think, observe and interpret instinctively, honestly, crudely even. I would never want to intentionally want to hurt someone’s feelings (well most of the time) but I wonder what happened to honesty is the best policy. This thought of mine is half baked and I can only imagine if I posted it on Facebook, the public slaying that would ensue. I’m sure you get what I’m trying to say Thomas. S

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