I am a capitalist stooge.

From:    J
Date:    19 August 2002 11:47
To:      S
Subject: Now what do I do here.

Sorry, I got cut off yesterday. So I’ll keep blathering on about myself.  My job is going great. I’ve got the backlog down to a week and hope to get it back to 3 days by next week and I’m gradually finding my way around Toorak for lunch breaks.  It’s a bit weird, there are lots of second-rate TV personalities (saw one today, she used to be on Neighbours.  She was the school principal who couldn’t accept that her own son was dyslexic.  She had a rather severe black hairdo and thin face.) and HEAPS of OAP’s, but that’s OK.  It’s different to my last job.  There, lunchtime was always “who am I gonna go with?” Here, it’s more “where shall I go?”  There’s lots of lovely shopping around here too, not that I’m buying anything.  Saving like Jesus, I am.

This job really is quite good.  I missed editing, you know. And this is much more fun than CPD editing – that was all jargon.  This is quite specific stuff, but it’s actually written to be read instead of referred to, so it’s much better to work on

Whadda I do? Well, the main part seems to be the Newsletter. It’s 28 pages, about 50% advertising, so around 7,000 words a month. The copy comes in from contributors, but you have to do a fair bit of chasing. I think I might be a bit more hard-arsed about it than me predecessors . I, oddly enough, get shitty when something is THREE WEEKS late. But I have to be diplomatic, these people ARE doing it for free.

But, there’s also the website. I have upload new text onto it. It’s in Lotus Notes (apparently they had no choice in the matter – the ISP demanded they use it) and Frank, the CEO, is gonna be showing me how it works today. Good Lord he works hard – he was at meeting of the Council Executive until 10.30 st night. Originally I was going to have to be at those meetings, but they changed the role around a bit. Good overtime, but I think I might go nuts.

And speaking of overtime, I’m getting some next weekend. They’re having this massive convention in Southbank and we’re all getting a go at sitting in some booth, directing traffic or something. The money’s good, and the Good Almighty knows I need it. I tell you Sis, I have CRAVING. I crave consumer goods. I’ve been very restrained so far, haven’t really bought anything, but by the weakness vested in me, I sure do want to. I keep making lists of things that I want, and the lists keep getting longer. Bah, what I need to do is read a good Commie book, make me feel bad for being a capitalist stooge.

Anyway, gotta get to work. Hope you’re well. Write me.



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