I think about people being dead all the time.

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From:   S 
Sent:   Thursday, November 08, 2001 8:29 PM
To:     J

No problems most of what I send is crap anyway, think of how much more time I’ll have to do some  work.

I feel really bad, but I had such trouble talking to mum, it took me over a week, I don’t really know why, just found I couldn’t pick up the phone and call her. Anyway she phoned me at work and we spoke, but I still have trouble, probably pretending it isn’t happening or something. She seems great and she will be fine I know, it just makes you realise that at some point she wont be around and I still have problems with our Nana being gone.

I don’t have your work phone so if you could email it to me, don’t panic I am not going to do a Dick and call every day but would just like to have it in case.

I love you J



From:     J
Sent:     09 November 2001 4:06 AM
To:       S

I  wish I could say I knew what you meant, but you see I’m a morbid  fucker, and I think about people being dead all the time so I guess it didn’t hit me so hard.  Nothing does, really. That’s the great advantage of  being  dead inside! Maybe I should pen a self-help novel along these lines. “Zombies Have More Fun!”

Ma really does seem to be OK tho. I’ve been calling her every second day or so.  Oh and she finally had her day in court with that school court case thing. Please GOD let this be the end of it. I think she got something out of it. She got to slag off that Bob bloke and look him in the eye while she did it.

Hey I just had a great idea that you could implement in the office. You know how you get parking officers going around marking tyres? Well why don’t you hire one for the office to go around marking workers’  arses to see if they  move at all?  His name could be Downtown  Brown. I’m not sure why.

My work phone is 3 9XXX 0XXX.


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