Everyone was thrilled to see me in a suit, I told them I’d found a corpse.

Thursday, 25 January 1996  12:30PM


Another day at the mill.  Grinding, grinding…  Might go straight home from work tonight, I’m short on cash and just not in the party spirit.

Leah picked me up from work last night.  Went back to her place for an hour or so until traffic died down (Leah hates Flemington Road at rush hour) and then she drove me home with her video.  We’re gonna do some dubbing (Shh – don’t tell anyone), so while I connected up the videos, Leah boiled me some veggies in the kitchen.  It’s so weird the way she likes to fuss like that.  I turn my back for one second and she’s either doing the dishes or cooking me a meal.

Decided not to go to the Prodigy gig, no money, no money.  I’ll save up until Tricky plays.  Erin from works said that she and Quinn are probably gonna go, and I quiet like Quinn, so Tricky it is.  Ahh Hell, I’ll probably ditch on that too.  I just got out of the wrong side of bed this morning, don’t know what is wrong with me.

It’s freezing in here today.  Ridiculous how this office can go from one extreme to the other.  God, I feel like I need another holiday already.


Monday, 29 January 1996   9:21AM

Hey Sis. Not a bad wedding all up.  The ceremony was in Blackburn it was OK, pretty quick, the bloke in the frock went on and on and on about God though.  Everyone was thrilled to see me in a suit, I told them I’d found a corpse.

The reception was at Emu Bottom (Emu Bottom – sounds a bit rude dunnit? Tee hee).  I went into the hall, and you have to shake hands with the parents, so I introduce myself to Tessa’s mother and father, “Hi, I’m J – I work with Tessa…”  He shakes my hand, and looks somewhere over my shoulder and says “Aah yes, J. Well, come on in, have a good time. Do whatever you feel like…” then he fixes me with another look, my hand still grasped in his and says “…within reason.”  Ooh ah, I thought, my reputation has preceded me.  I smiled wanly and was directed to my seat, at the table right down the back.  I had the feeling the work crowd had been quarantined.  There was only three of us for God’s sake.  I was next to Lisa, and Simon was down the end of the table. On my right was Roberta, about whom Simon had been forewarned by Tessa, but no one told me she was known as The Root Rat.  I was transfixed by her twittering chatter for a good hour before some smooth half-witted cousin of the groom came and stole her from me – the only good thing he did all night.  (He asked me at one point where I got all my “attitude”.)  Then I was stuck next to a dull dull dull cousin of the bride who was doing Arts/Law at the University of Queensland.  My God she was boring.  Booooorrring! To get rid of her I had to face the other way and pretend I was taking part in another conversation. Every now and then I’d sneak a peek to my right to see if she was still there, in her beige suit and octagonal glasses.  She reminded me of Priscilla Boyle to look at. (Remember the Boyles?  Lost all their dough on some Christian bookshop/tea room in “Poo Town”.)

The speeches were mercifully short, and everyone split around 11pm. Simon, Lisa and I caught a taxi and bitched ’til we dropped all the way home.  Taxi cost about $50. I guess I’ve been pretty hard on this wedding, but it really wasn’t so bad, it’s just easy to take the piss out of. I would have been kinder if I’d fucked the Root Rat. (Blush.)


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