When on earth did Mum start playing the pokies?



31ST JULY 1995

Dear S,

Thank you for the beautiful flowers – hot pink roses and irises. You really are a naughty girl to do that, but they are absolutely beautiful.

I am sitting here looking at my beautiful granddaughter, I have put her photo in a frame below my computer screen.  I guess she is still talking about her conversations with her Nana on the phone on Saturday.  I hope she still likes sleeping in her cot, I will get on with making her top sheets.

Guess what?!  Your cousin Louise is pregnant, due in March, Aunty Tia is beside herself. Louise has sold her hair salon and is going to do her husband’s book work and still do the Channel 10 hair job.

I am going to South Australia on the 25th of August. Gloria has asked me over, her youngest son Jeffrey is getting married.

Hope the purchase of your new house is going through without any problems.  When you move I want you to take money out of my UK bank account and buy a clothes dryer because I want my baby to have nice dry clothes to wear.

Everyone says “hello”.  I went to see Pam yesterday. We had a lovely roast dinner. I went to the Italian Social Club on the way home and played the pokies for an hour and won $50.

Lots of love and thank you very much for the flowers.

Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

for Brady xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

What’s this all about?


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