Word of the day; Dilettante.

J’s Diary Entry

Thursday, 13 July, 1995

I caught the Broadmeadows train home tonight and alighted at Moonee Ponds.  I went to the Library and borrowed a book on Japan. Chloe was there a few weeks ago (Japan, not the library), so I figured I’d read up on it so as to have something to talk about in case of an emergency.  I shocked myself; the book was really interesting.  It’s basically a picture-book, very dilettante-ish, but I guess that’s what I was after.  I read it from 7:30 to 9:30 without even realizing.  It’s re-kindled in me a desire to study, to veer from all the fiction I’ve been reading the last few years and dig into some study.  I feel like accumulating knowledge again. Perhaps this is the dawn of J’s Intellectual Renaissance.



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