Did you name our great granddaughter after a dog?

27 June 1995

Dear S, Jack and Brady,

We received the two sheets of photos yesterday, thanks ever so much.  Dear little Brady is beautiful and like all new babies not so keen on her bath I see.  She is a lovely plump little girl.  I see her very much like you Jack but also see you too S, but a real little girl.  Some babies you just see a baby and wonder gee is it a boy or a girl but no Brady is a real little girl.  Where did the name Brady come from, is it a pet’s name or was it handed down on Jack’s side, just wondering as it is spelt the same way as a surname and different ones I’ve told her name to ask how it is spelt.  I’ve kept the daily paper from the day Brady was born and the birth notices too, I’ll keep them for you for when you’re over in December.

The nights are now cold but the days still nice. We have had three frosts one was very heavy, it nipped the top of the potato plants so Pop is digging the potatoes up now.  Pop has also pruned the last of the fruit trees and we’ve taken two trailer loads to the rubbish tip.  He would like to take a bit off the mulberry tree but he isn’t worried about it really, the soil here doesn’t suit mulberry trees so it’s not doing as well as it could.  I’ve pruned the roses so it is all out of the way before July.  July can be too cold for us to work in the garden.

We have ordered security doors to be fitted on both front and back doors and they should be done any day now.

Is your Mum still over there with you, please give her our love.  Must away now I hope to catch the postie today.  All the best and a big kiss for our first great-grandchild Brady.

x Love from Nana and Pop x

J dog 001

A photo taken by J found amongst his things.


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