I am suspicious of eerily firm and colorful mangoes.

J’s Diary Entries for Nov 1994

Wed 16 Nov 1994 – Went into the city, by myself, and say Oliver Stone’s new flick “Natural Born Killers”.  I was a bit disappointed, it had some valid points to make about media & violence and childhood & violence but it was lost in all the flashiness.  Tommy Lee Jones was good as the warden though.  I hate going to see movies by myself, it’s always embarrassing, though there were a lot of people going solo at this film.  It just seems like a proclamation of how tragically lonely you are.

Rang Josh today. He has his final exam tomorrow morning. We’re doing something on Friday, I’m looking forward to it.Ticket - Natural Born Killers1

Diary 1994 Nov 17

Speed cinema ticketsDear Diary 18 Nov 1994

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