I’d better buy a suit I suppose.

Diary Entry for Wed 28 Sep 94

I found out today that Jeremy is going to be working on my book full-time. This is not good, with Jeremy taking over the Company side of the book, it will expand and may usurp the biographical section and me in the process.  I talked to Jeremy about it and he seems enthusiastic and imbued with a combination of shrewdness and naivety. I think I trust him a bit more, but I must assert my dominance and make him dependent on me.  I must make myself indispensable to both him and the book.  Things are certainly moving.  Perhaps the pointy headed boss has done this to make me insecure of my job and force me back into unpaid overtime (I haven’t worked back in over a week).  I think I’ll have a chat to Caitlin about all this tomorrow, lay my cards on the table.  I’m going to ask for the title of Editor, a $3000 pay rise, more editorial control, the retention of my office and future notice of any other impending changes.  They want to double the size of the book but I don’t know if this will double sales. I think I should play a hand in both parts of the book, make myself more versatile.  I hope I can work with Jeremy, he seems to be less irritating the last two days or so. If this doesn’t work out, perhaps I should begin looking for other work. I’d better buy a suit I suppose.

Found out Jeremy is Jewish – had a Bar Mitzvah and all!

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