I’m not sure if marriage is going to suit me but I won’t know ’til I try.

6 January 1993

Dear J

Well this must come as a big surprise to you.  Your big ugly sister actually putting pen to paper.

Hope you are alive and kicking hard.  Mum says that you went to Queensland but not much else. Who did you go with?  Where to and for how long?  Nosey huh?

Well it is all getting rather close now and I’m excited but also nervous.  I’m not sure if marriage is going to suit me but I won’t know ’til I try.

The seamstress has done a great job (miracle) on the wedding dress.  You would never know that it is 36 years old.  Did you know that Nana made it by hand for Mum’s wedding.  There’s an odd placed lace motif which apparently hides blood from a pin prick Nana had whilst making it.

Our house purchase should go through early next week which will save me having to slit Jane from neck to navel.  It really is a very small 2 bedroom place but it has character and we only just discovered that the loft room has already been partly converted into a 3rd much bigger room.  I can’t wait for you to see it.  You and Mum will stay with Jack and I (if you want to that is) I have arranged for Dad to stay at a Bed & Breakfast somewhere nearby.  I hope Mum and Dad will be OK with each other at the wedding.

More than anything I am really excited about coming home to Poo Town, I can’t wait to see where you’re living and Winky dog. I swear if you’ve done half the things to him you say you have, there’ll be trouble little brother.

Mum seems so busy, tell her not to stress I’ll help all I can when we’re home for the Australian Wedding.

I love you J and can’t wait to see you.

Write soon.

All my love

S xxoo

PS J can you do me a huge favour could you please try and arrange two tickets for Jenny Morris for when we’re in Australia. Mum has our itinerary, I’ll pay you back.  I would really appreciate it and it would make Jack’s year. He doesn’t know I’ve asked you so shhh. Thanks. Love you.

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