Not sure how being buried is any better…..

Monday, 21 December 1992

Dear S

I thought you would like to read these pieces from Granny’s funeral.

Pop and I have just come back from the nursing home, we have made a donation to the home towards a special kind of bed that is needed for the bedridden people, so instead of flowers and chocolates etc we have done it this way.  Uncle Arthur won a box of chocolate biscuits the other day and he gave them to us to give to the home so that has all been done.   Your Debutante photo you gave to Granny is down in the grave with her, but the main thing is Granny is at peace, no more being confused in a dark and silent world that she had been in for so long.

Must away I’ll write again soon and look forward to a new year and to your wedding and your trip to Australia.

x Love from Nana and Pop x

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