Piercings, Pot & Doc Martens

Mon 26 Oct 1992  – Leah got first job in 2 years.  Had a massive fight with Mum over nipple rings – she was in the wrong.

Thurs 29 Oct  –  Did Tax Return.  Theresa went for a job interview

Sat 31 Oct  –  Black & Bondage Ball at Sarah Sands Hotel – really good until Leah got jealous.  Went back to Brunswick and got wickedly stoned.

Mon 2 Nov  –  7 months with Leah – got her some perfume and a daggy flower (some big red bulbous one).

Fri 6 Nov  –  Out with Josh and Leah.  Bad speed – sick on Saturday.

Sun 8 Nov  –  Went to doctors, got some antibiotics.

Mon 9 Nov –  Stayed at Leah’s (Brunswick) too sick for work.

Tue 10 Nov  –  Massive strike against fascist scum putrid filth Jeff Kennett, went home sick from work about 11am.

Sat 14 Nov  –  Leah got me a pair of 8 hole Doc Marten boots as early birthday present.  Saw Romper Stomper with Leah, Julie and John.

Tue 17 Nov  –  Changed travel plans, only going UK for two and a half months, come back, save more money until next Oct and maybe go with Paul.

Wed 18 Nov  –  37 days until Christmas.  Really hot and horrible at work.  Going to get nose pierced after my cold is gone.  So tired, hardly got any sleep at all.  Must buy new diary.

Thurs 19 Nov  –  Am stretching my ear piercing up the top in the cartilage – have 4 sleepers in it now – want to fit rivet in there – I can tell everyone is disgusted.

Fri 20 Nov  – Transport Strike, can’t get to work – damn shame.

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