Well there go your teens…

Friday, 20 November 1992

Dear J

Do hope you have a beaut birthday on Thursday, well that is goodbye to your teens.

Granny is very weak and we don’t think she knows any of us now.  She says odd things and mostly we don’t understand what she is saying.  She only eats an odd spoonful of food, spends most of her time sleeping and often says she is very tired when she wakes up.

We are sure getting our share of the rain but the paddocks look lovely and some farmers have started to cut hay but running into problems as they can’t get it baled it’s just too wet.  Our garden is very lousy, so much of the seed rotted and now too late to replant, some things Pop did replant, but still they rotted.

Uncle Dick is on his way down, wasn’t coming until end of month but he says he’ll come now as Granny so weak.

What a terrible thing the fire at Windsor Castle, so many priceless things lost.

At Keith Gardiner’s funeral the other day June, a niece of Pops’ gave us a snap of him we think taken about 1930.  Gee it’s the only snap of Pop we’ve got that was taken before my days and I told June we were very pleased to have it.  It’s very important to have snaps of places and ones’ childhood.  I have mine but just nothing of Pop, it’s only a small snap but gee happy to have it.

J I’m putting a cheque in for your birthday, Auntie Jean put money in Kim’s birthday card, card arrived had been opened and money gone so I’m taking it as a warning so hope you don’t mind and do hope it has got to you other times.

Lots of love and all the best

x Nana & Pop x

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