It’s enough to turn you into a Socialist

Friday, 27 November 1992 Dear Sis, So now I am twenty.  I don’t think I like it that much really, well, only when I think about it.  It doesn’t occur to me most of the time.  I don’t feel twenty, twenty years old, by twenty you’re supposed to be mature and all that shit.  I dunno, nineteen just sounds so much younger, you know? God … Continue reading It’s enough to turn you into a Socialist

Piercings, Pot & Doc Martens

Mon 26 Oct 1992  – Leah got first job in 2 years.  Had a massive fight with Mum over nipple rings – she was in the wrong. Thurs 29 Oct  –  Did Tax Return.  Theresa went for a job interview Sat 31 Oct  –  Black & Bondage Ball at Sarah Sands Hotel – really good until Leah got jealous.  Went back to Brunswick and got … Continue reading Piercings, Pot & Doc Martens