The most disturbing graffiti I’ve ever seen.


From:   'S'
Date:    Tuesday, April 30, 2002 06:20PM
To:     'J'
Subject: Re: sweaty sandwiches and trouser demons

So tell me, what the hell was this disturbing graffiti I’m dying to know?

And by the way I could care less who you sleep with my darling brother, it’s no one’s business who anyone sleeps with unless it’s children or animals of course.

I love you.


From:   'J'
Date:    01 May 2002 01:48AM
To:     'J'
Subject: Re: sweaty sandwiches and trouser demons

It was this bizarre thing written on the wall of the cubicle (I’m a cubicle pee-er, don’t like the trough). If I go up with Mum this weekend I’m gonna take a photo. It was written in capitals in black texta with no punctuation to speak of, and it was in this really neat rectangle. It was this guy talking about how his daughter was a total cock-tease and how she dressed really scantily around the house (it was reasonably explicit) and how she “wanted it” and instead of some crass ending where he writes about how he fucked her it just ends with “and then  I knew”.  It was really creepy.

And as for my big confession, you know, if you approve of this sort of thing there’s no telling where we’ll end up. First it’s the homos, then it’s the Communists, and before you know it, Family Values are out the window and people are getting cloned baby stem cells injected into their lips and virgin satanist refugee lesbians are having test tube babies and I just wanna  know WHO’S PAYING FOR ALL THIS?

Thanks Sis.




2 thoughts on “The most disturbing graffiti I’ve ever seen.

  1. I think that people fall in love with the hearts, minds and souls of others and sometimes that comes in the body of the same sex. It’s love and they say love is blind. I think any love, all love should be precious and celebrated. I don’t think souls have a gender.

    Thank you for reading and commenting, I truly appreciate it.


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