Not sure I know what a tamarillo is.

3 June 1996

Dear S, Jack and Brady,

Thanks ever so much for the 3 lovely photos of Brady, they are so beautiful I especially like the one of her pushing her toy cart, she really means business what a determined look she has on her face.  Did your new niece or nephew arrive? Have been thinking about them and hope that all went well this time, everyone must be so anxious.

Your weather will be nice now and I bet your garden looks lovely.  Our days are getting so short and only 18 more days till we have the shortest day but we generally get our bad weather in July and August.

Pop is building a new chook shed for me and renewing the wire around the run, not all the wire just what was in the ground.  I do miss my chooks but if the foxes get my next lot well I’ll just have to give them up, it is too upsetting to see my girls killed like that. We are buying a new shed to put them in, only 8ft x 5ft, it is a tin one, you buy it in pieces and assemble it yourself.  Pop will put a cement floor in it, the present chook sheds are too old and just aren’t fox proof.

Pop is to start pruning the fruit trees, it’s a big job and will take some time to do them all.  He gets so fed up of the birds getting so much of our fruit.  Can you believe the Jays got all the figs and at present they are into the tamarillo’s.  Once the Jays come in they can’t be frightened by colored papers or wooden cats like the other birds. The figs were still hard and green when they ate them, they also got our late tomatoes.

I’ve sent a parcel for Brady’s birthday and do hope it arrives in time, fancy her being one year old and your Mum there to visit, it will be lovely for you.

Your Uncle will be 40 on Thursday and we intend going out to tea at a Chinese restaurant in Bairnsdale.

Must away to catch the postie.

x Love from Nana and Pop x


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