It’s a “two pullover” day.

6 May, 1996

Dear S, Jack and Brady,

Well it’s ages since I wrote, many thanks for the lovely cards at Easter and our Wedding Anniversary, and for the lovely snaps of Brady.  Your little girl is growing and those two teeth are great, gee she’ll soon have her 1st birthday, just where has that year gone? Your Dad showed me his key ring with a photo of Brady on it, he is so proud of his little granddaughter.

I suppose your Dad told you our nephew’s son, Mark, was killed on the 30th of April.  The car he and his friend were in ran out of petrol and they were pushing it off the road when they were hit by another car.   Aunty Jean read the police report and it says 2 of their car’s wheels were on the grass beside the road and Mark had a white t-shirt on, the driver said he saw the car but not Mark and now he’s dead, such a sad thing, he was only 21. He is buried in Hazelwood cemetery near Uncle Colin and Granny, so many of our loved ones are buried there. Pop and I will be too one day.

Our veggie garden is just about finished, only have a few potatoes in, they are our Winter crop so we don’t dig them until June or July.

What a terrible thing all the shooting at Port Arthur. It was such a sad place before this with all the convicts that suffered there and now a massacre in the same place. Thirty five people shot dead like that and that poor man that lost his wife and two little girls, well, it is all just so senseless.

We have our new bathroom vanity cupboard in and are now just waiting on the people to fit the sliding glass doors on the shower. Then Pop and I will paint the room, he does the high up bits, I do the down low bits.

Well I must close, it’s raining and so I won’t be doing anything outdoors today. It is mild though, I haven’t even got a cardigan on but Pop has his two pullovers on.

x Love from Nana and Pop x

two pullover day

Found this cheesy picture in one of J’s many books – funny because they are exactly the sort of jumpers/pullovers our Grandmother used to knit.

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