Pretty sure you bought that dessert mum.

FAX to S from Mum

30 April 1996

Dear S, Jack and Brady,

Thank you so much for my birthday card and presents.  I had a lovely time opening them outside the mail delivery centre in the car.  Everyone around me must have thought I was a nut case.  I opened the letter opener first and was thrilled, then the tray, which is really cute, then the key ring and I grinned hugely, then the notepad (wish I had that just before I left work), then I opened the “Ready Steady Cook” Book and I roared laughing.  Remember how we used to rush home last year to be there in time for the TV show, we used to say Brady would come out humming the theme tune.

Am going to Green’s for dinner tonight. I have made the dessert, profiteroles with brandy alexander sauce and dark plums in rum sauce with cinnamon cream. Are you impressed?

Saw J yesterday in the City.  I had to go to the financial adviser. He is well, J I mean, not the adviser, although he was well too.

Well must go.

Lots of love and thank you very much for my pressies.

Mum/Nana xxxxoooo



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