Pop is threatening to take the chainsaw to all the fruit trees.

2 March 1995

Dear J

Well at long last I am putting pen to paper. I really did enjoy getting your letter at Xmas, thanks very much. Pop also really enjoyed his birthday card too.

Do hope you enjoyed your camping trip at Xmas. I always think when one roughs it for a while it makes one really appreciate the comforts of home. I always wonder what the flies and mosquitoes do after you go back home too.

Yes time is going by for S. I think Jack will do his share of walking the floor at night time but do hope the baby is a good baby, now if she or he takes after its Uncle it will be a very placid baby, yes J you were a good baby. We are looking forward to our first great grandie and do hope all goes well.

Pop is out adding a bit more wire to the fence behind our barbecue. The neighbors cows push in under the fence, they don’t get in, they just loosen the wire and posts and their owners do nothing about it. My sister Jean has sold her place here and bought a Unit in town, she shifts on 31st of March, gee we’ll miss her but just keep telling ourselves we’ve been lucky to have been neighbors for the last twenty years. My brother, Dick is coming down next week, so looking forward to a good old chin wag, he still hasn’t had his big opal find but he’s having fun looking, he’s been looking for decades now.

I’ve just made tomato sauce and relish, also lots of jam. Most of our veggie garden finished now, only got carrots, beans, tomatoes and pumpkins left. In the orchard we only have apples, pears and figs. The birds have been a terrible problem, we hang any bits of foil we can in the trees and it does help to frighten the birds but one does get fed up when one sees half eaten fruit on the ground. Don’t mind going 50/50 with the birds but their idea is half of each piece of fruit, not a full one each. Pop is threatening to take the chainsaw to all our fruit trees.  Birds got all the Mulberries this year too.

Well lots of love J and thanks again.

x Love from Nana and Pop x


nana and pops

Our Grandparents house – orchard to the left.

What’s it all about?

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