Apple Update from Nana.

21 Mar 1994

Dear S and Jack,

Just a few lines in with a card to wish you both a very happy Easter.  Do hope you had a terrific 1st Wedding Anniversary.  I tried for four hours off and on to ring you but no answer then last night I was talking to your mother on the phone and she said you had gone to Paris so no wonder your dad or I couldn’t get you but I bet you had a lovely time and that is the main thing.

We are off to town tomorrow, Pop is to get another hearing aid so that will be one in each ear, they seem to think he should get better results, he can only try it but he does get so frustrated with the one he has that I usually find it just laying on the kitchen table.

We are staying home for Easter, Kezza is coming up, she recently got a 1st prize for her banana cake, 2nd prize for her sultana cake and two 2nd prizes for flower arrangements at the show, not sure if it was the Berwick or Pakenham Show though.

Pop and I picked our Golden Delicious apples and Jonathon apples yesterday as both the Jays and Parrots were at them, so now we have buckets and buckets of apples.  I’ll stew some and make pies with some and freeze the rest.  We still have the Granny Smith and the Five Crown apples to pick but both of those apples are still green and don’t stand out like the lovely red ones so we hope the birds leave them alone for a while longer, to give me time to cope with all the sorting and cooking to be done.

Uncle Colin still not well, spends most of his time in bed.

Well must away do  hope you are both well.

x Love from Nana and Pop x

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