The beer helped me get to know the floor a little better.

Monday, 28 February 1994

Dear S,

Hi, it’s a sunny day down here and I’m in a surprisingly good mood considering the crappy weekend I’ve had.  I feel like I’ve guzzled half a gallon of Buzz saw Blend Ultra-Caffeinated Coffee, but I haven’t touched it at all today.  If you could see the murky goo that passes for coffee here I think you’d understand.

Well the weekend started off as a bit of a shambles from the beginning.  First, I was invited to a 21st birthday party for Bridgette from work – she’s really nice – and seeing as I have welshed on every single other out-of-hours office function, I thought I really should go.  So to get in the party mood, I downed the remains of my last bottle of vodka and headed off, already half an hour late.  Leah gave me a lift, then drove around Essendon for half an hour while I paid my respects.  When I got there, I was handed the obligatory beer, which turned into obligatory beers, which turned me into an obtuse butt-head.  Needless to say I was thoroughly sauced by the time I left, which was just after the speeches.  Leah and Tim were waiting outside in the car and they whisked me back to Richmond so they could get prepared for Josh’s party.  I think it’s something about cars that makes me fall to pieces when I’m pissed, something to do with inebriated brain-waves in confined metal-encased spaces.

So we got home, they got ready, I got to know the floor a little better and off we went to Josh’s.  This was mistake number two.  When we got there around midnight, most of the party action had passed and they were passing around the crappiest rolled joints I’ve ever seen and slowly slipping further and further down the couches until they were looking at the ceiling, the tinnies miraculously un-spilled.  So Leah announces “Well it’s about time we left for Apocalypse” (night club) and Josh says “Just give me five minutes and I’ll get my shoes on.”  Not, Can I get a lift with you?, he just assumed we’d give him a lift.  Oh yeah, this was after he told Tim that he had a “Rude Head” which went down like a pork schnitzel at a bar mitzvah.  Leah was so pissed off, and then when we got to the night club, he wanted us to help pay his door fee because we didn’t bring a pass for him.  And (it just goes on, doesn’t it) as soon as we got in the front door, he pissed off on us!  We stayed for about an hour then Leah cracked the shits and we left, sans Josh which he was non-too-pleased about according to Brett who saw him the next day.  It’s really awkward, not one of my friends likes Josh, in fact, they all actively dislike him and are not remiss in telling me so.  It’s even more difficult because in the cases they cite, I have to agree with them, on Saturday night he was a total asshole.  Who cares?

I cut my hair on the weekend, can you believe it?  I didn’t cut it all off, I’ve left an island of dreads around my crown, and cut the rest to about two inches.  I really like it, there’s still a lot of hair there, but it’s a lot easier to manage.  It’s a sort of scruffy Muppet look.  When it’s tied back you can’t really tell that much, but my head sure feels a lot lighter.  When it was wet, the dreads weighed so much that it hurt, they’d pull at my scalp so much.  It was kind of fun, but I’m glad I got rid of most of them now.

I went to see an absolutely ace film last night too. It was called “True Romance” and had a cast of stars as long as your arm. It was based on a script by Quinten Tarantino, who also wrote Reservoir Dogs, one of the best films I’ve seen.  Extremely violent, but there’s a message in it, it’s so graphic that it is really an anti-violence message.  You should see both films if you haven’t already Sis.

Living with Brett is going really well, he’s keeping his distance a little which is great, because it maintains mutual respect for everyone’s privacy etcetera.  Actually, I walked in on him and his new girlie, some blonde, white witch called Lara (she actually is a real witch).  I wanted to ask him how Josh was after we dumped him at the club and,  he was not clothed, nor was his lady-friend, I was a little embarrassed.  I mean they weren’t in flagrante delicto or anything, but I felt a little silly anyway.  Lara seems quite nice from what I can tell.

Went and saw Brett’s second gig on Friday night too.  They played better.  Talk about wall-to-wall glamour pusses though, Christ!  I would have felt underdressed in latex undies.  Leah looked good though, she’s lost fifteen kilo’s. That’s three sacks of potatoes, can you imagine lugging that around on your body?  Wow.

Are you doing anything for Easter?  I’m thinking of sleeping a fair bit, followed perhaps by some eating, to be polished off with some drinking and being generally merry.  I suppose being on “The Continent” you can whisk over to Germany for a weekender.  Anyway, whatever you do, have a great time doing it, and I’ll write again soon.


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