A letter from my father the Narcissist

Saturday, 10 August 1991

Dear S

Been fairly quiet but cold lately with heaps of wind and rain.

Your Mum bought new side boards and shelves for the lounge.  Old stuff has gone to the antique shop they are trying to sell it for us without much luck to date though. Had new light fitting fitted in the dining room the other day.  The pool pump buggered up so it is being replaced with new blower motor for the spa.  Also have to fix up the gold fish pond.  It never ends.

I don’t know whether I told you in my last letter that Peter Hooper failed his driver’s licence test.  J is talking about going for his learner’s permit, here’s hoping.

Finally got paid for Eastland, now we own Nissan, we also bought the old Police Station, it has had a squatter in it who has been lighting fires inside (just heaps of paper) he killed himself a few months ago so he won’t  worry us anymore.  The deal was finalised yesterday, the Government almost stuffed it up but perseverance paid off.  Both properties join each other so it is a nice piece of real estate.  Have spent $100,000 on the inside to make attractive offices.  We think the legal profession will lease it because it is next door to the court house.  You may not remember the building, it is double storey, solid brick with a lot of potential.

Bought some cars the other day and put them in Gary’s yard it helps him to make his yard look full of cars with no expense and it helps us when he sells them.  Things still don’t look like picking up for a while yet.

I am taking the hierarchy to Pomona for a week Oct 17-23 Greeny and yours truly will be the guides, cooks and fairy god mothers for the week.  Russell Mark has asked if he can come with 2 mates, one is a Kiwi, one is an Englishman, to practice for the (bloody pen I’ve got a cramp) World Clay Championship.  Russell is the current World Champion.  We have a trap at Pomona so the guys will see some class shooting.

Jonn with his son & heir and Jenny with Roy and Mary have just come back from Pomona.  They had a good run.  They stuffed my rifle and turd head fell over on the river bank and broke the fishing reel that I keep up there all the time.  Got some drag nets the other day to drag the dams for yabbies.

I’ll enclose some photos of Pomona with descriptions on them to show around if anyone is interested.  Some of the photos are very similar in the foreground but the background is different so you get an idea what the country is like.  Cannot wait to get back up there.

They have started building at Flinder’s Island, I’ve put in a rough plan of the shack we’re building.

Lions Club is still hectic.  Called a special meeting on 1 Aug to get a decision on The Lodge I think I told you they want us to raise $500,000 over 5 years one hell of a commitment, the club decided to go ahead with it so here goes.  The Meeting was held at Smiths so I decided to supply sanga’s for afters so I bought 50 rounds.  Bloody hell I didn’t realise it was so many sandwiches, had heaps left over.

Had the District Governor and his missus at the last meeting normally a boring drawn out terrible thing.  Not with this little wood duck sitting in the Presidents chair.  It was a mixed night (wives come too).  The meeting was over by 9.30 and everyone just mixed and yarned.  Had a lot of positive comments on the night.

Having a blue with The Mansion at the moment about the Music Festival, they don’t want it down there.  Had a meeting with the Management, Zoo bosses, Solicitor and Police yesterday.  The Mansion and Zoo bosses are coming up with something else next Wednesday, it will be interesting.  Council and the press are on our side,  I really don’t need this.

Most of the Lions who go to our local convention (Ballarat this year) are giving me heaps.  Normally we go to the business session for about 10 minutes then we go out socially as a group, have a beer or swim, play golf etc.  Just found out that as the President I can’t do any of that, what a bastard.

Tom’s father died the other day so the Punters Club went to the funeral.  The Punters (Tom, John, Jim, James, Smithy and me) are going to the Perth Casino Aug 22-26.  The last two years we went to Adelaide.  Return air fares plus 4 nights accommodation for $600 is fairly reasonable.  Smithy is a mad keen punter so he has got us into the Members Stand at the Races on the Saturday.  Sunday we will probably go to the footy.  The rest of the time will probably be spent at the Casino. Looking forward to it.

HC Footy Club played Williamstown United last week.  Willie has just had a lot of publicity.  Their sponsor is a brothel.  They were a bit stiff to lose last week.

I rang me Mum the other day they are fine but I understand Granny is not real well, Nana will write and tell you more.  Uncle Dick (me mate) is back making fences for a living as well as opal mining. Tough old bastard.

Sorry I forgot to say g’day to Jack.  Funny you have acquired a taste for Indian food I’ve never really tried it, must do.  My favourite is still Thai food.

Your mother and I washed Winky the other day, what a marathon. He’s got the shits at the moment. Beau is off the chain so Winky is locked in the back yard.

Fitting another motor in Pete’s truck at the moment so the finger nails are dirty again, feels good.

J seems to be enjoying his work, he likes Fridays – Pay Day.

Footy finals are getting close so the hype is starting.  Have been made a member of The Angling Club which is very enjoyable though I won’t get much time in the next 12 months for fishing.  I’m sure I’ll be a good social member.

Well Sweetie that’s about it for now.  Must close, see ya later.

Lots of love

Dad xxx


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