Am I a bad mother?

S Diary Entry 2 September 2003 My mother said she didn’t do anything, achieve anything because she had us kids to look after and hold her back. Do I use my children as a mental stumbling block, an excuse. Mother’s don’t achieve things because they should be too busy taking care of their children’s needs so that their children can go out and achieve great … Continue reading Am I a bad mother?

How to remove a turkey from your house.

  Emails between J and housemate Jade discussing the removal of Ian The Turkey. —–Original Message—– From: J Sent: Friday, 28 February 2003 9:14 AM To: Jade Subject: Well … How’ s the V&V going? Is it done yet? Was it an extravaganza? DancingĀ girls and donkey rides? Kissing booths and fire breathers? I remember when they launched the new logo at CPD, they had a … Continue reading How to remove a turkey from your house.