Spider Bites and Dead Orchids.

20 Aug 1996

Dear S, Jack and Brady,

Well I do hope you are all well, and hope where you live S didn’t cop the terrible floods that were shown on TV a couple of weeks ago.  We are having a cold snap at present and yesterday only 11°, today a bit warmer at 14°.

Pop been having a hard time with his foot. Doctor seems to think it was a spider bite but we’re not really sure. We have to go into town to have it dressed every second day, it is still discharging and must not be got wet, so I wrap Glad-Wrap round and round it each time he showers.  We don’t know how long it will take to heal they just tell us it’ll be a long slow process and Pop certainly getting sick of hobbling round in old slippers as he can’t get any other type of foot wear on.

Your Dad has been up, he took us on a trip up through the bush to Lucknow and up over Mt Baldhead where Pop worked on a saw mill back in 1939-40 and saw where the old mill was, it is still a forestry.  We continued on and came out at Swifts Creek and home via the highway through Bruthen and a few back tracks. It was a nice drive and Pop sure enjoyed it all.

The inquest into our nephew Mark’s death is tomorrow, such sad business.

I’ve been having lots of knee trouble and Doctor is trying quarterzone injections, after a fortnight I was getting some relief but oh the pain is back again, he says it should come better, only time will tell.

I have a Daphne bush in my garden and it is lovely, it’s the first year it has flowered and the perfume is beaut.  I also have one orchid out, it was one of Uncle Colin’s. Aunty Jean gave me two when Colin died, am afraid I don’t know much about orchids and I killed one. Colin had so many orchids and tended them every day. Jean not sure, like me, and most now dead.

How is Brady, bet she is running around everywhere now.

Well, I’ve run out of room, so must close, it is 7am time to get breakfast going.

x Love from Nana and Pop x



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