Incoming! Mum heads to UK.


20 May 1996


Dear S,

Just a quick fax to tell you that I arrive on Singapore Airlines Flight SQ228 at Heathrow on Saturday 8th of June at 5:50am, sorry about the time. I picked up my tickets today and got my International Drivers Licence also – just in case I need it.

I have finally put up that coat rack I bought at Williamstown market, when you were here in December, and it looks really good, it’s behind the front door.  I am going to get stuck into stencilling when I get back from England.

I am sending back the cable TV – it’s just not worth the money, they don’t have ads but they spend just as much time telling you what is coming up during the programmes that it is as annoying as ads.  I don’t think they were too impressed, but I get my $40 back, as I’ve not even had it a full month yet.

How is my beautiful baby, is she walking everywhere?  She will be running by the time I get there.

Well must go, I am off to leadlighting classes tonight.  Jude has a new fellow, I can’t stand him.


Mum/Nana xxxxoooo

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