Mother Nature knows where you live.

Wednesday, 27 March 1996

Hey Sis,

Back at work, another Wednesday trickles through.  Stayed back at work last night ’til 7:30pm.  Yessiree, nailed back up on the cross for another edition.

Whatchya been doin”? Avoiding British beef most likely. (Snigger snigger).  So are you giving beef the big miss? Creutzfeldt-Jakob.  It has a good sound to it, it’s the Creutz that gets my vote, I just like the sound of it.  Of course, all those people dying from it probably aren’t impressed.  Tell, me exactly how many people die from this each year?  I mean, it’s not like scores of Britons are keeling over in the streets is it?  The point I guess I’m trying to make is that people make such a fuss over their food.  I’m 100% positive you stand a much greater risk of being run over by a mad bus driver than you do of succumbing to Mad Cow Disease.  And anyway, it serves all you carcass-munchers right. (Well, what did you expect? My vegetarianism had to come out sooner or later, didn’t it?)  Don’t you think it’s a bit ironic that people are kicking up a fuss about dying as a result of killing? (I might have said “dying as a result of murder”, but that might be going a little far; we kill animals, we murder people.)

The sad thing is that the real lesson to be learnt here – don’t fuck around with animals so much – will not be heeded.  The cows got Mad Cow Disease from feeding them sheep offcuts in the first place.  COWS ARE VEGETARIANS!  It just doesn’t pay to fuck with Mother Nature, she knows where you live.

Went and saw “12 Monkeys” last night.  Has it been released in the UK yet?  It’s got Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt’s bums in it.  Madeleine Stowe is in it too.  I thought it was OK. I mean, it was a slight cut above your average Hollywood fare, but not great cinema.  And of course you don’t want to think too carefully about the time-travel bit or you just go insane.

Oh how I’d love to travel through time.


Mother Earth

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