Letter from my homophobic, illiterate, racist, “Barra” loving, twit of a Father (that’s twit with an “a”).

27 Sep 1994

Dearest S and Jack,

Thanks for the post card I really appreciate it.  Majorca certainly sounds like a beautiful place. Do they do any fishing there? Is that the island where Christopher Skase is because he has been getting a lot of publicity lately but I think it is still a long way from getting him back here to answer charges.

Hope you had a happy birthday Sweetie, you have started to catch me now.

Lost another friend in Lions yesterday.  Had a tumor and it burst. Top bloke too, that’s 4 dead lately.

Mum and Dad are great but I’m a little worried Aunty Jean is seriously looking at moving to Morwell now that Uncle Colin’s dead. She had the house valued the other day and is pricing Units at the moment.  I think Mum and Dad are having cautious talks of moving because they will be on their own but I cannot imagine them living in any other environment. That is their business but I believe they are addressing the situation.

Got Uncle Colin’s rifle and shotgun as memento’s.  I believe and so does Mum and Dad, that his Army.303 is down there somewhere but no one can find it so I’ll have to forget it.  I know it’s there somewhere in pieces because Colin told me not that long ago in one of our discussions, but Aunty Jean is positive that he never had it.  It was a court martial offence to steal Army property but he told me how he did it.

Mum and Dad are in good health and spirits which is great because I was really worried at the start of Winter because dad’s lungs hadn’t really cleared up.  They have just finished putting a new tank and platform at the back of the house, the old tank stand and tanks were buggered. Dad pruned the orchard again.

I’ve got a new smile, me other dental plate broke in half.

Damien is doing some shelving at my work, doing a good job too.  He’s batcheloring at the moment because Mim, Richard and Cassey are at Surfers Paradise.  Mim and Richard are then going on up through the Daintree.  I told them a few places to go and see but I can’t imagine Aunty Mim going, but one never knows, it’s God’s country up there.

Lions is still fun and I’m still enjoying it, still on the Board but I think I’m just a floor member next year and I’ll take it easy, someone else’s turn.  Anglers Club is still there but I don’t get there very often now, also James Spring is on a 12 month trip around Australia (been gone 6 months) plus work seems harder and takes longer – the time’s not there. Don’t do bar duty anymore.

Had a coffee with Pete and Lizzy the other day.  They have got a couple of ostriches, their son-in-law has a farm and he breeds them. Evidently he and his parents are really into it in a big way.  Should look into it as it is very lucrative.

J is great, coming back to his old self.  The house that Mum bought and he rents is very nice and just the right size for him. He has bought some nice furniture and even though a tad untidy it suits him down to the ground.  It’s certainly good to see him in better surrounds than he was in and responding positively.

Skye Cann gets married next month.  She had a stroke 2 months ago. Her face and speech are fine, her left arm is almost useless and walks with a slight limp but she is very positive in herself. Her Dad Cliff has gone on another diet to lose one third of himself, he seems to lose it only to find it again, so we are going to start having saunas again.

Had a great trip to Cairns with Jonn, Cliff and Bazza.  We caught 20 varieties of fish which was great. Hooked two Marlin, one got off, the other one we got in, tagged and released.  We also got within a mile of two hump back whales and a calf. It really was one of my life’s ambitions to see. Sixty tonnes of whale leaping out of the water is something I’ll never forget. Got it on video, will send you a copy.

The trip that took in the top half of Australia was a trip of mixtures, the scenery around the Bungle Bungles was unique. Broome was nice but Cape Levique which is 200 km’s up a dirt road above Broome was magnificent.  Oysters off the rocks, Mud Crabs but no Barra.  I befriended an Abbo there, buggered if I know how because I’m not real keen on the bastards but Vince didn’t drink and he finished up taking me where he goes, so I saw some beautiful country.  He also had a 35ft aluminium boat with a volvo diesel engine in it and they were having trouble with it.  Helped them fix it so they let us drive the boat around – a bit of good fun.

Met me mate at Derby and went fishing, got 50 Blue-Nose Salmon, Mud Crabs and Sharks. Great fun but no Barra.  Then went along the Gibb River Road to another bloke I know but he was in the middle of cattle muster so said good day and kept going to Joe’s Water Hole.  Went spinning for Barra and caught a bloody Croc only a fresh water one which isn’t real dangerous, he was about six foot long and not real happy. Broke the line thank heavens but the bastard still has my lure. it was a good one too.

Left there and went through the Ord River Scheme which is so huge its hard to imagine, then on to the Daly River which has monstrous salt water Crocs but couldn’t get any Barra.  From there to Litchfield National Park which has the prettiest swimming holes with waterfalls I think I’ve ever seen in Australia.  Then on to Kakadu which is good but too many people. Then to Darwin, then down to another mate at Cloncurrry just out of Mount Isa.  From there to Burke Town, no Barra. Overland to another mate at Karumba, still no Barra, then through the Atherton Table Land to Mossman and up into the Daintree, down the east coast to Cairns which is just starting to boom which is a shame, the Japanese are moving out of Surfers Paradise in large numbers to Cairns.  Down to Bowen and into the little cove I’d love to live in one day – Dingo Bay.

Came all the way down the coast turned inland around Grafton and did some opal mining with Uncle Dick, good fun, then headed to Mum and Dad’s. Then to Hawaii which was lovely, don’t like Honolulu.  If you lay the Japanese face down I would reckon they would be 8ft thick all over the island but they don’t seem to get to the other islands. Went down 115ft in a submarine at Kona, beautiful reef.

Now I’m broke.

Enough of my meanderings Sweetie, what have you and Jack been doing work wise, house wise, trips etc.

Must close now all the best.

Love Dad

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