Damn those pesky, pesky parrots.

6 Sept 1994

Dear S and Jack

Well I do hope you have a lovely birthday S, I hope the card I sent you got there in time.

Our last letters crossed in the post, so pleased you and your Mum had such a beaut time in France and yes S I’d love to see your Mum and J, we do miss you all.  We see and hear a lot from your Dad and that is good.  He keeps busy but I know he hasn’t been well and there are lots of food he isn’t to eat now, each time he gets an attack it takes six weeks to get over it, he swells up so and comes out in red blotches.

At present we are working to get new water tanks, the two iron ones at the corner of the house are going to be replaced, the tanks are alright but the tank stand needs replacing and we know the tanks will not stand pulling down and going back up again.  We wanted a 3,000 gallon cement tank to replace the iron ones but we can only get 5,000 or 10,000 gallon tanks so we have decided to get a 3,500 gallon fibreglass one.  It will sit on the ground but will take up more room than the present tanks so we must remove the roses and some of the ferns and the old tank stand to prepare the sight, so we’ll be busy for a while getting that all done.

Our orchard is in blossom, the apricot tree is loaded but oh those pesky, pesky parrots they just sit right up there and nip the blooms clean off, so Pop and I have bits of foil, Christmas tinsel and margarine container tops hanging all over the tree to try and frighten the birds away as one gets sick of caring for the tree and the birds getting all the rewards.  We have started planting vegie seeds too and have peas and potatoes in, we must have an early garden as water is a problem with the tanks being replaced.  I have two chooks now, one is laying the other is moulting so I get one egg most days.

I see it is this month that you start your course,  how will you manage your time, work, school and study it will be a very busy time for you S.

Will close for now and catch the postie.

x Love from Nana and Pop x

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