The weather is very important to Nana.

8 Mar 1994

Dear S and Jack,

Thanks ever so much for the lovely perfume and the card and the phone call for my 70th birthday, it was lovely to receive so much attention.  Gee I had a great day, in fact the whole week was just beaut.  And at last we have been to Pomona which we have wanted to see for so long as it is a place of joy for your father, where he can relax and yet keep in touch with his business.  The early mornings were so peaceful and the bird life lovely, the whole place was just great, it was nice and green which your father said is unusual for February.  Your Father hired a bus and we all went together, all your aunts, uncles and cousins.  They did lots of fishing, shooting, yabbying,  swimming and we had a barbeque every day which was just beaut.  On the way home from Pomona your father arranged for us to have dinner at the Charlton Pub and gee did I get a surprise, they had a lovely cake with candles and they all sang Happy Birthday to me.  I got some lovely cards and your beautiful English one.

I bet the snow you had was beautiful to look at and it certainly is fun for you S to see and experience climates in other countries.  In Australia there are so many different climates, we have our deserts and our high plains and mountains with forests and snow.   It is good for you to be sharing all this with Jack and now you are an official resident and your first wedding anniversary is in a few days too so do hope the weather is nice and you can both do something special.

I bet you’re looking forward to Mum coming over, hopefully your weather should be nice by then too.  It will be great for your mother to have your company, Jack will have to be his own head cook and cleaner for a while.

Uncle Colin is not well and has had a pacemaker fitted but things not going so good.

So glad you like your job.  Well must close and all the best to you both and once more thanks a lot.

x Love from Nana and Pop x

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