A Final Thank You

I have spent nearly three years now blogging my brother’s life, the time has come, I am at the end. It has both helped build a new kind of me and yet at the same time destroyed me all over again.

I want to thank people who have helped and inspired me. I have doubted myself through this whole process. There is so much I have learnt but just don’t have my brothers ability to put it into words, I just can’t come up with an all encapsulating final post. I will just take a deep breath and post til the end.

I want to thank Soulspeak, a special, knowing soul so kind I sometimes believe J whispers to me through her.

Thank you to Tom Slatin for his support, comments, advice, encouragement and for mentioning this blog on his twitter account, Thomas thank you. I can imagine you and J deep in discussion about books and writing. I am grateful that you came across my blog and eternally grateful you have shared it with others (I still don’t really understand how Twitter works.)

Paul Green whose fabulous site mindfump.com inspires me and makes me laugh. J would love his writing, I imagine us discussing it when I read it. Keep writing Paul, I miss you when you don’t and I’m looking forward to your Oscar’s after party.

Jamie Scanlan whose wise insights inspire me, particularly when I struggled at the start with what I was doing, where I was heading with this blog, what I was trying to achieve.

Thank you wholeheartedly to all you kind people who have read, followed and commented. I still remember being exciting hitting 100 followers, and I still chat out loud telling J when 20 or more people visit in a day! I tip my hat to all the blog writers out there with thousands of followers, it is a tremendous feat you have achieved. But as Paul Green eloquently states “the mental starting point for blogging should be one of love” and this blog has always been about my love for my brother, his search for love, his love of reading and writing (not stats and likes).

Anyway here we go…   Am I ready? Am I ready to share with the world my brother’s final hours, his final letter. I don’t know how to do it other than just hit the publish button. I kindly ask people to double check with themselves – if they really wish to read his final letter and subsequent coroner’s report.

I am grateful, I am sad. I am still and always will be, sister of J.



8 thoughts on “A Final Thank You

  1. Very flattered to get a mention here, but I certainly hope this is a false finish. Whilst J’s content can understandably only last so long, you have a fountain and perspective that so many people would love to continue hearing. I sincerely hope you keep us updated and informed of you, and how you feel. Even if you don’t want to share these things publicly you have my email address and I’d be happy to call ourselves friends. The way you have commemorated J is beyond words, and I wish that everyone could be remembered and loved the way you do J.

    I will stop short of begging, as you should only do something if you are happy to, but just know if you do decide to write on this blog again, I shall be one keen-eyed reader once more.

    If I don’t hear from you then I wish you all the best and thank you for everything you have shared. And as a last gasp chance to keep you writing I will invite you to guest post on my blog. It is an open offer and I’d only be more than happy to publish.

    All the best once again,


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    1. Thank you Paul, you too are very kind. If I ever manage to articulate my thoughts onto paper I will certainly forward it to you for total re-writing (I just don’t have the skills). In the meantime I have a couple of overseas trips planned and I’m going to give away J’s books as I go. I’ve been trying to put together a way of being able to track the lineage/journeys of his books once set free. I think J would be horrified to think most of his precious books are being held prisoners in cardboard storage boxes. So I’ll set them free, it is the last thing I can do for him.

      I thank you again for reading the blog and wish you many smiles and much success (little gold men).


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  2. It has been such an honor to be on this journey, with you and J. I thank you for everything you have so lovingly shared.
    J truly has left a fine echo in this world…his beat goes on. Namaste’ S….May blessings abundantly flow eternal as you create an amazing adventure within this life…

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  3. I am truly sorry for your loss, a loss which obviously can never be filled no matter what anyone does or says. The passing of your brother truly saddens me, despite the fact that we never met. I could honestly see myself having discussions about writing, books, the arts, etc for hours at a time.

    Thank you for helping to preserve the legacy of your brother, and thank you also for the kind mention. I will keep the link on my blog for all of time, or for as long as I possibly can. I will miss reading more posts, of course, though what is important here is the preservation of what he did accomplish during his lifetime. Speculation over what he might have or could have accomplished is often unimportant.

    Please continue to keep in touch; here whenever you need me.



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  4. Thomas, thank you so much for all you’ve done for J and I, I can never thank you enough. You are a talented man and a kind person, I am grateful this blog introduced us to each other. I wish you so much happiness and continued success always.

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