I saw a black dog.

S Journal Entry

25 January 2004

I remember being so surprised that Nana had had a job at one point. And I remember being so proud learning Nana Mc had worked for Myers Department Store for years. I remember her telling me once that Pop had come home from work and asked “How was your day?” she told me she said; “Jack, today I saw a postman and a black dog, tomorrow I’m getting a job.”


Now with knowledge and hindsight I wonder if my grandmother saw an actual black dog or if she was referencing depression. I’ll never know. I know for a fact that throughout our bloodline there is a crippling inability to ask for help, share emotions or to be honestly open with each other, and I wonder just how many of our bloodline suffered depression.

One thought on “I saw a black dog.

  1. This was a short but amazing post because I am currently going through the same mental state. Whatever is meant to be is meant to be, just keeping your head up and keep working on mental health is the best thing I can do. It is crazy to think that we will end up exactly where we are meant to, but it is true.


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