An absolute new low for our Father.


From:      'S'
Date:       Monday, April 15, 2002 11:13PM
To:        'J'
Subject:    Florist
Importance: High

Hey did you get the  pressie and have you got a florists number? Sorry just stressed.



From:      'J'
Date:       16 April 2002 7:37AM
To:        'S'
Subject:    Florist

Sis, here’s a link to the Australian White Pages

That will give you a selection – I did it but I didn’t really recognise any of the names so I thought I’d let you choose. I don’t think any of them have websites unfortunately.

Haven’t got the present yet, will get it this week. Have you put the money in? If not don’t worry, I can cover it for a week or two. (Ah, the life of a high flyer!)

Did Mum tell you what Dick did to me last week with Nana? I spoke to Dick a few weeks ago and he said that Nana was a bit funny in the head and he thought she’d had a stroke and I should give her a call, but I thought I’d wait a week or two until she’s a bit more with it.

So next thing I hear from Dick, 2 weeks down the track, that Nana is blind, non compos, in a wheelchair,  partially deaf and they’ve jammed her in a home. He told me NOT to call and that it’s only a matter of time, now.  It’s too late to call, you’ve missed your chance. I thought, Ooh, bugger, that’s a bit sad. I called Ma and told her and she said “Ooh, bugger, that’s a bit sad” and she called some of Dad’s rello’s who told her that in fact, Nana is NOT blind, DOES have her faculties, is NOT wheelchair-bound but IS living in a home. Apparently her eyesight sort of comes and goes and she’s a bit vague sometimes. But Dick had actually told me that they’d started divvying up all her stuff! So I called her on Sunday and her speech is a bit slow but we had a chat and she’s still Nana, you know. I tell you, I hope that 24 carat cunt we have for a father has someone to look after him when he’s old and starts having strokes, cos it sure as fuck ain’t gonna be me.

I don’t know what his caper is. Was he trying to guilt me into calling Nana cos he was embarrassed I hadn’t called?  Then why tell me NOT to call? I know he’s prone to hysteria when it comes to illness and family, but how can he misrepresent it so badly and tell me NOT to call my sick grandmother? I can’t help thinking it’s just malice.  I haven’t spoken to him since I called Nana and you know what, it won’t bother me if I never do. Manipulative cunt from hell.

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